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Tranquil Tides - Hot Sauna

Finnish Style Sauna!

Our Finnish-style wooden sauna will reach over 185 degrees Fahrenheit triggering your heat shock proteins and longevity boosting benefits. To increase steam inside, there is nothing more lovely than adding water to the rocks and hearing them sizzle. We will provide you with towels and electrolyte blends to ensure hydration is maintained.

IMG_8080 (1).jpg

Tranquil Tides - Cold Plunge

Scandanavian Iskallt dopp!

Some prefer dunking into cold water prior to a relaxing sauna, but most traditional experiences start with a long sauna, and finish with a quicker cold plunge! We will leave that decision up to you. Our cold plunge water is generally in the 40 degree Fahrenheit range with ice floating on the top layer of the water. Cold shock proteins will be triggered, and your body will be flooded with endorphins after you use it leaving you feeling fantastic for hours.

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