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Our Story

Tranquil Tides Sauna & Cold Plunge is proudly owned and operated by Matt Marko and Frank Cabral, two passionate advocates of hot and cold therapy who are dedicated to bringing the benefits of the Nordic Cycle to the South Coast of Massachusetts.

Matt Marko, originally from Maine, has developed a profound obsession with hot and cold therapy over the recent years. He has personally experienced the significant improvements it can bring to both physical and mental health. Matt has been a resident of New Bedford for nearly a decade, where he lives with his wife and young son, born in 2023. His conviction in the power of the Nordic Cycle—alternating between hot sauna sessions and cold plunges—drives his commitment to share this transformative practice with others.

Frank Cabral grew up on a farm in the New Bedford area and served his country with distinction in the US Navy, enduring multiple deployments. Unfortunately, injuries forced Frank into early retirement from the Navy, but his journey didn't stop there. Having firsthand knowledge of the profound benefits of hot and cold therapy, Frank understands its potential to assist not only combat veterans but anyone seeking physical and mental wellness.

Together, Matt and Frank founded Tranquil Tides with the mission of spreading the gospel of Sauna and Cold Plunge throughout the South Coast of Massachusetts. They believe that by introducing more people to the Nordic Cycle, they can help improve the overall health and wellbeing of the community. Tranquil Tides aims to create a space where residents can experience the rejuvenating effects of hot and cold therapy, fostering both physical resilience and mental clarity.

Join us on this journey to wellness and discover how the Nordic Cycle can enhance your life, right here in the heart of the South Coast.

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